Order Customised Hormone Kits

If none of our standard test kits meet your requirements you can also create an individual test to suit. The below table lists all of the separate tests which can be carried out. Pick the combination that suits you and you can send a mail to orders@btsireland.com with the list of tests you want. We will prepare a custom quote and get back to you. 

Multiple test discounts:

Order any 2 tests at the same time for the same patient and get 20 Euro off

Order any 3 tests at the same time for the same patient and get 40 Euro off

(You will get a reduction of € 25 for any further test per test for the same patient in one order)

For a customised test kit there is a courier charge of €30 to be added to the total. 

Tests  Price per test in €
1) Stress profile (2x cortisol, plus 1x DHEA)118.00
2) Night-time waking (Cortisol & Melatonin)128.00
3) Female Hormone check (Estradiol, Estriol & Progesterone)148.00
4) Female Estrogen Dominance (Estradiol & Progesterone)120.00
5) Male Hormone check (Testosterone, DHEA & Progesterone)155.00
6) Male Estrogen dominance (Estradiol & Testosterone)120.00
7) Cortisol day profile                                  2 cortisol samples on the same day95.00
8) Cortisol plus one, 1 additional value  Only in combo with test 1 or 7!28.00 No discount!
9) Melatonin                                              76.00
10) DHEA                                                   55.00
11) Progesterone                                      55.00
12) Estradiol                                               55.00
13) Estriol                                                   48.00
14) Testosterone                                      55.00

Guide for calculating the prices

You select all your test from the list, add them up and add the 30 euro courier charge. After that you deduct the multiple test discount. If you order 3 test you get for 2 multiple test discount of 25€. Once you order 4 or more tests you will receive for test 4 and more 25€ discount each. So if you order 15 tests together for the same patient at the same time you get 2x 20€ discount and 12x 25€ discount. Excepts for those tests marked on the list as No discount.