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We are here to help you detect and identify the root cause of your symptoms, because only when you know that, can you really start to solve it!

Reliable and scientific

Biological Testing Service Ireland is the Irish provider for the leading German micro-biological laboratory Dr. Hauss. They provide scientifically sound tests for Naturopaths and doctors alike.

Gut Micro-Biome testing

The microbiological composition of our gut has been long identified as a source for health. By checking your gut bacteria composition, we help to identify imbalances in the key bacteria species.

Clear & easy to understand results

Your results are provided in a clear & straightforward report. At a glance, you can see what is out of balance and which markers have come back to normal.

What we do

We provide a patient-centered testing service specific to the person’s needs for gut or hormone related health Issues. We work directly with patients and also provide an extended practitioner service.

With our home test kit, you have the benefit of no appointments or waiting lists, sampling in the comfort and privacy of your home. You will receive professional lab results and interpretations.

We are always happy to help with your questions via email or phone regarding the selection of tests, results and interpretation. Please note that we are a Republic of Ireland service only.

For NI and UK based customers, we recommend contacting our sister companies for web clients and for practitioner services. They both work also with the same German lab and can offer a similar test range.

What kind of tests can you order?

Biological Testing Service offer a broad range of micro-biological tests for diagnosing candida, intestinal parasites, leaky gut and much more. We are specialized in customised test kits specific for your individual needs. Most tests are performed from simple stool or saliva samples. Stool testing is a well-established and proven method to determine gut and immune health, while saliva sampling for hormones is the method for functional testing of the active hormone fraction.

Gut flora
Immunity markers
Specific gut issues
Hormone imbalance
Stress and burnout
Gut hormone imbalance

Kits can be customised for your specific health issues. This helps reduce the overall cost of testing and your results will help you to find a suitable therapy to bring you back to health.

Parasite and candida testing with Biological Testing Service Ireland

Why do testing?

Testing helps to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. By only testing what is relevant to you, you don't waste money on unnecessary therapies or treatments.
Our accurate tests report will give you the drive to undertake treatment and make the necessary changes. They can also be used to measure therapy success.
All samples can be easily taken in the privacy of your own home and our included 'Medical Express' courier pick-up ensures that your samples will reach the lab with the appropriate speed.

What our customers say about

Biological Testing Service Ireland

“I find that BTS Ireland have an excellent selection of tests to choose from. The service is always reliable and their attention to detail is second to none.”

Helen O'Brien

“Biological Testing Service Ireland is a great diagnostic resource. They provide a highly professional service in a timely and efficient manner.”

Ann Ahern

“Janette from BTS Ireland is a skilled professional and a delight to work with as she is so well informed and a fantastic resource for both myself and my patients.”