Practitioner service

For extended full practitioner service please fill in the registration form below and email together with your copy of your qualifications

Practitioner Information

Once registered with BTS Ireland you will be given access to the practitioner files available through the link below.

What does the practitioner get from BTS?

We specialize in creating customized test kits for your client. We can include as few or as many tests in each test kit tailored for their specific requirements, based on what is relevant to their case and makes a difference to your therapy approach. This will save you and your client money and time, and lead to a more targeted therapy.

Only registered practitioners will receive additional diet & therapy recommendations based on the results and answers to any questions you may have regarding selecting of appropriate tests, the interpretation of the results or therapy recommendations. We also have special plans for during pregnancy and breast feeding and for kids. You will normally get all these details + individual therapy suggestions + diet + hygiene recommendations for your patient from BTS within a fortnight after the arrival of the sample in the lab.

Further BTS-Ireland has a practitioner referral list for BTS clients without a practitioner. You can choose to opt in to this list and which details you like to share.

For all questions please contact Janette Pfetzing at or if you want to speak to me, please call 00353 894774998, weekdays 10-13.