Tummy Ache Screen


This kit contains:

– Fungal screen incl. Candida, moulds and yeasts in your gut & mouth.

– Intestinal parasite screen using a new Multiplex PCR method, staining and microscopy. See a full list of parasites here >

– Calprotectin screen – an intestinal inflammation marker.

– Helicobacter Pylori screen for identifying the underlying cause of stomach ulcers.

– Pancreatic elastase screen to measure the exocrine pancreas function.

Please add the name of the person who will use this test. If you are ordering for somebody else, you need to provide the full name of the person to avoid problems with the processing of the sample and the sending of the results.
If you have been referred to us by your practitioner, please provide us with your practitioner's name so that we can send out all the relevant information quickly and securely.
To web clients without a referring practitioner, we offer one-to-one consultations over the phone to guide you through the results and help you understand what they mean for your health.
Grand total
Patients experiencing additionally Symptoms such as:
  • chronic gastritis
  • symptoms of gastric ulcers
  • chronic stomach pains
  • abdominal burning and pain
  • indigestion or heart burn
  • nausea and vomiting
  • abdominal bloating and fullness
  • unexplained weight loss
  • belching
  • difficulty swallowing esp. sensation stuck in the throat
  • gastrointestinal bleeding and anaemia
  • poor fat digestion particular when eating with protein or alcohol
  • foul smelling bulky stools
  • stools may be pale in colour and float
  • Family history of Diabetes mellitus
  • Family history of Gallstones

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